Who is libra least compatible with

They will do what they are best at. They will try and balance this too as well.

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But unfortunately, as they are humans, there comes a point when the glass is full and then it overflows, they get exhausted and then burst, which leads to a massive explosion hurting those around them. Though Scorpios and Libras might get attracted towards each other but due to their extremely opposite personalities, it will get too hard to pull a long-term relationship.

They are too different to imagine as a couple and extremely opposite to be wise enough to settle for one another. You can call them as two different sides of the same coin, or maybe two parallel lines, which just refuse to meet. What makes me deliver to you this interpretation? Well, read further and I am sure I will be able to convince you on this. While Libras are the charmers and the center of attraction, Scorpios are highly secretive. Libras Ace the game of making friends and getting along with almost everyone they meet because of their extremely humble nature, Scorpio will take ages to open up.

Libras though gel along with people very well, but they have their own innate circle of few close friends whom they would count upon like stars. Scorpios, on the other hand, will stay happy with one or two of their confidants, not wanting to expand it any further. While a libra loves socializing and is the heart of any social gathering, a Scorpio would love to have an intimate evening with their partner.

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Libras would always put people close to them before them, while interestingly its, hard for a Scorpio to put anyone else before them. Remember the saying mirror-mirror on the wall. Who is the prettiest of all? This goes too well with Scorpios. They find it extremely hard to see anyone else beyond them. When Libras are hit by this harsh reality of a scorpion they tend to get devastated by it reaching a stage that is beyond repair.

While communication forms the very basis of any successful relationship, communication between these two is a big task. Mostly they would share different viewpoints on almost anything being discussed. Just like north and south poles.

Libra Compatibility Relationship with Other Signs, Best Love Match

These both view things from a completely different approach. For Libras, no problem is too big, and Scorpios will make a mountain out of a molehill, which a Libra never appreciates. While one is an open book, other is a crab. Yes, always coming in and going out from their shell.

It might just prove horrendous for our health. I thank God now that she cheated and left me for someone with more money. Im a libra woman and recently divorced a Pisces. He was Way too argumentative and a cheater. Hmm Danita Elliot I think u should go with a libra as u re try to make libra your friend and see d difference maybe u can choose a librian as your life partner.

Am also a libra. I am a Libra F dating a Virgo. My ex is a Cancer and I can see why we are not meant to be. Is my Virgo my future Husband? We bump heads alot but I love him so much and he is good to me. I think once you learn to truly understand someone and how they operate things can work out fine.

Communication is a big plus in any relationship. Sometimes communicating is difficult between certain signs but you have to fight to keep it first. Honesty, respect, loyalty all of these things equal love. I am a Libra woman marrying a Libra man and we plan to have libra children if possible!

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My Libra husband says all I am interested in is romance and sex. He gets nervous because I like to experiment. He said I was his dream girl, but he is very bossy critical. Im a libra my husband is a taurus. But were both stubborn and butt heads alot.

libra Compatibility

We also have 6 kids together. But i have to say my taurus husband is the best lover i have ever had and he loves me so much its almost like an obsession. For a libra that can be overwhelming at times. But were making it work and we both love each other so much. We have been together 10 years and married flr 8 years. Yes, run as fast as you can :. It can work, but man is it a lot of work. The problem with Capricorn women is that they tend to compare you a lot with others and almost everyone is better in their eyes. They also change after they get married or have your children, but that probably happens to every womebln.

Be genuine, open and honest about your feelings and everything else in your life. I am a Capricorn woman, in love with a Libra man. Libras are known to only say what the other person wants to hear in order to keep the peace, but Capricorns are the opposite. They will say things as they are, and need their partners to do the same. A Capricorn woman might seem cool on the outside, but get a spot in her heart, and you will remain there for the rest of your life, providing you can be open and honest with her from beginning to end.

At a Glance Guide to Zodiac Sign Compatibility

Love her, emotionally and physically, and you will have the world at your fingertips. Oh, and she has a dirty sense of humor that she will start to show only if and when she is totally comfortable with you and can see a future with you.

But we will push for ourselves and our partners to always be the best that we can be. A Capricorn woman at the side of a Libra man can make you a power couple.

There are no limits to this relationship. Taurus women married to Libra man; good for us. Married 25 years. We have our moments from time-to-time but we respect and love each other. I love a Pieces boy and we were in relationship but because of some problem we are not together so will I marry him in future? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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