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April is the month of networking for you, dear Gemini. The stars have decided to turn your natural charm up a few watts, so get out there and make good use of it. To increase your pizzazz factor even more, order a new outfit or two from women's or men's spring style essentials in Prime Wardrobe. Explore your options this month, dear Cancer, but do not commit. With spring in the air, the world will seem wider — and friendlier — than it has for a long time, and you will want to see and experience all of it.

Keep your body healthy, immune system strong and skin supple with Amazon Elements and Amazon's new skincare line Belei as you meet new people and embark on new adventures.

As an inveterate mover and shaker, dear Leo, inaction isn't your cup of tea. This month, however, accept the challenge and just let things unfold, without your input or influence. Put down your power tools and pick up a best seller or top magazine from Prime Reading. You will discover that, in your absence, the world does indeed keep turning. As the days get longer, dear Virgo, your mind will get clearer.

I can't tell you where this increased mental freedom will lead you; in fact, it might not move you in any particular direction. Let go of your productivity agenda and just be receptive, calm, and open to wherever you land. New music and spring playlists on Prime Music can provide a soundtrack to keep you dreamy. The flowers and trees aren't the only things blooming this month, dear Libra — your social life will be too.

Just be sure not to overschedule yourself; there's nothing better for nipping a potential friendship in the bud than forgetting a date or showing up late. Let Amazon Day delivery make planning easier — just pick a day and Amazon will combine your orders to deliver on the same day every week.

All those seeds you've planted are soon to sprout, dear Scorpio, though which ones are anyone's guess. This month is all about synchronicity, with things showing up right when they're needed. You might run into that old friend or forgotten idea at the perfect moment — eat well at Whole Foods Market or through AmazonFresh to ensure you have the energetic wherewithal to connect the dots. Things have been as clear as mud for you lately, dear Sag.

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Or like quick sand — the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. So just stop, sit, ponder and let Prime Insider on Alexa help hook you up with what you need; the stiller you can be, the sooner your feet will find solid ground. Spock is your spirit animal this month, dear Capricorn. Following your intuition too closely will only get you into trouble; instead, stick to logic, weigh out every option's pros and cons, and carefully plan each move.

Looking before leaping takes more time than blindly diving, so save time and money with Prime Now. Who are you, dear Aquarius?

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