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Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, and carries the same meaning as the sign. Saturn rules Capricorn and shares the same keywords. This supports taking a serious look at your important relationships. The ones getting a thumbs-up from your higher self will feel fundamentally solid and stable. The ones that need to be released or repaired may show significant signs of challenge. If one of your relationships is in difficulty, there are two field-tested tools that can help you.

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To work through issues with your partner, try the 4-part Nonviolent Communication Process. To heal challenging emotions and their root causes, try my free Healing Invocation. This Venus-Saturn conjunction can perform a similar function for your creative output. If not, consider whether it would serve highest good to abandon a project, put it on the back burner, or take it in a new direction. You can also apply the same principles to your financial activities. This lunation also supports detail work and organizational systems.

Clean out those closets! This Full Moon contains two aspect patterns.

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In the first, the Sun and Moon form a T-square with Juno , the asteroid goddess of committed partnership. Committed partnerships that would benefit from releasing or upgrading may experience challenge during the waning Moon. Those that are already in good shape will feel energized! This gives harmonious support for immediate, practical action Taurean Mars on your intuitive flashes Uranus. Pallas Athena can help you incorporate feminine assertiveness, strategy and diplomacy into your action plan.

The Piscean Sun contributes creative inspiration, while the Virgo Moon can help you get the details right and act in the spirit of service. As do we all! This Sabian Symbol coinciding with a Virgo Full Moon suggests that you simply keep working on the refinement of those qualities that you want to release or transform. Earlier versions brought an unprecedented level of ease to casting and working with astrological charts.

The current version adds many more calculations, extra convenience features, more interpretive text, and exciting new graphic displays.

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No one sells Solar Fire for less than AstroShaman. Learn how Solar Fire can supercharge your astrology! At the most basic level, this adds fresh energy to the ongoing Saturn-Neptune sextile.

It can help you make better use of the Law Of Attraction , and help you more easily maintain embodied awakening. Are your most important relationships in alignment with your soul purpose?

With Venus conjoining the South Node, unresolved karma with an important person in your life can show itself. Positive energies you two have previously co-created can also be brought forward by this Venus-South Node conjunction to bless your relationship!

The moon is in Cancer today.

Uranus can pop down intuitive flashes to show you what relationship changes would serve highest good. He can also help you make them fast! Pallas Athena can help you move forward with tact, good strategy, and gentle assertiveness, using just enough forcefulness to get the job done.

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This Grand Cross can also gift you with brilliant financial and creative ideas that align with your soul purpose, and help you map a strategy to manifest them. How are your approaches to relationship, creativity and money serving your soul purpose? If something in one of these areas is under stress, consider releasing or transforming it. Is a committed partnership bringing you more abundance or sorrow?

The lunar nodes indicate life purpose, while Juno stands for committed partnership.

But Ceres is the pivotal planet in this configuration. While this planet is often associated with romantic relationships, it can also pertain to your professional community or the source of your income.

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While you like being in charge, you're also fiercely protective of those close to you. Apply this mindset to work and say thanks to your colleagues. Consider throwing a brunch , picnic, or BBQ for your work friends to show your consideration. As the host, you'll still get to pull the strings.

Mercury, the planet of communication , goes retrograde on Sunday, July 7. You may lose any inhibitions when it comes to speaking your mind, but remember that words can cause harm, however unintended. When Mercury goes retrograde, impulsive texts and tweets are likely to be even more destructive as an added dose of confusion gets thrown in the mix. Practice mindfulness and meditation to think before you speak which is hard for a ram, who likes to tackle things head first.

We all struggle with past trauma, and pain manifests for different people, and different signs, in various ways. Aries' insistence on being in charge can be an attempt to avoid more pain. On Monday, July 8 , Chiron, a comet that orbits the sun goes retrograde. During this six-month retrograde in your sign, you have a chance to address and heal old wounds and past trauma.

If utilized correctly, this transit can help you learn to assert yourself without burning bridges in the process. A full moon and partial solar eclipse in goal-oriented Capricorn on Tuesday, July 16 brings a project to a close that you've been working hard on, likely one in your professional sphere. However, the heated energy of the eclipse may cause emotions to flare, and you may become angry that you're not getting enough credit.

The theme of this month is to learn how to healthily deal with competition and understand that other's successes do not undermine your own. Use the fertile full moon energy to remind yourself that there is power in numbers. Then, Monday, July 22 , marks the start of lavish Leo season. Give yourself a break from obsessing over your work and apply that confidence to your love and sex life.

As Venus enters Leo on Sunday, July 27 , engage in whatever beauty routine makes you feel extremely hot.