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The angel of healing helps you to heal not only your body but also your soul, opening you up to a new and better beginning. Therefore, do not be afraid about your health - try to think positively and do not underestimate the signs you receive from your surroundings. Perhaps someone will soon appear who will be happy to help you. Daily Angel Card Message for Aquarius 9.

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Last Comments Money horoscope: Aquarius I need some luck in money to pay everythink off and live comfortable with my family It seems to me that Tarot and Astrology are really two tools working from the same energy source in a harmony that can't be denied. The deeper you look into it, you will see despite having been created separately they work together perfectly. When we look at the cards that have been associated with the astrological signs, we see that somehow the relationship between the two seems rather divine in nature.

Each astrological sign has two Tarot cards that completely compliment the energy already present in the zodiac signs. This creates the ability for them together to tell you a far deeper story than they could alone. The Emperor is applied to the Aries horoscope sign for the authority and power of the sign reflected by the tarot card.

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Aries as the first astrological placement symbolizing the first spark of flame. The sign of Aries belongs to the elemental grouping of fire. The King of Wands is the first card of the fire group of tarot cards, which is perfectly fitting for Aries. The Lovers tarot card represents Gemini as a symbolic way of indicating the duality of both the sign and the card. The King of Swords is the first card in the elemental group of air.

The tarot card The King of Cups is applied to Cancer for the position of the sign as the first sign in the elemental tarot group. The sign Leo is attributed with that quality. The Queen of Wands is the second card in the elemental group of fire and Leo stands in the mirror position for astrology as the second fire sign.

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The Hermit is associated with Virgo when tarot and astrology are combined, this is interesting as Virgo is associated to the concept of virginity, its a metaphorical state through a more representative view of the purity that can be found in being alone, the time to be in one's thoughts analyzing the lessons in the quest for perfection. Libra and the tarot card Justice are matched through the symbolic connection they share to the theme of justice, weighing options and making decisions. If you have any Art Deco or Art Nouveau lovers in your life, then this is the deck for them.

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We can all agree that imagery plays not only an important role in how we understand a Tarot deck, but also how we connect to it. While many see the Aquarian Tarot deck and immediately point to the Art Deco and Art Nouveau influence, few acknowledge that many of the colours are distinctly from the s, when the deck was released. The Aquarian Tarot will also resonate with people who vividly experienced in the late 60s and early 70s or anyone who feels connected to that era.

One deck is playing card sized, while the second is in the traditional Tarot card size. Images from Aquarian Tarot used with permission of U.

Games Systems, Inc. All rights reserved.

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A professional Tarot reader for more than 20 years, Brigit founded Biddy Tarot in , where each year more than 4. Download this free PDF resource to discover how to create accurate and insightful Tarot readings every time you consult the Tarot cards! Privacy and Terms.

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